Action & Action

The Get Up Kids

You really think you're bigger than this
to the tune of ten thousand lisps.
Who would have thought I'd represent,
when I can't take a compliment?
Overexposure is the key,
and any focus on me is appreciated,
as ait should be.
No wonder now,
I finally found the right formula for...
You taught me how, to play the fool
Every mistake that I make,
I couldn't have made without you.
What's said is done, and plain to see,
you take it all too seriously.
Here's all you get from me.
What better way to make an honest mistake
than a televised hand of fate.
When the world's closing in on you,
a decision would be overdue.
Now nothing is left out of hand,
a stronger jaded man stands.
If the world is ending then we toast to it.
I'm stranger now but without the right formula for...
I'm down for whatever.
What's there left to wait for?

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