Doobie Brothers

Come on over baby got nothin' to lose
Well you never get enough o' those
Highway blues
Just another road to freedom and you know that
It ain't no crime
Can't you hear it baby
Like thunder I know
Like the magic and the passion
Of rock and roll
It's like a Harley motorcycle baby raging out of control
Danger up ahead of you
Comin' up behind you too
Turn it to the left
Turn it to the right
Now you twist the throttle up
With all your might

Dangerous, that's why you love it

Well you like to drive fast baby
Slide up right beside me watch the
Broken lines fly
'Cause there's no one who can catch us
Just let anybody give it a try
Can't you hear it baby like thunder I know
Like the magic and the passion of rock 'n' roll

You're a rebel and youknow it
And you're not afraid to throw it away

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