lucifer`s friend

(Peter Hesslein, Dieter Horns, Mike Starrs, Peter Hecht, Herbert Bornholdt)

I aint the way I used to be.
But hey! Babe I'm fine.
Well, I guess I may have changed
but who's the same.
All of the time
I missed the sign
lost the way.
I was almost goin' stone insane.
You know what you've been doin'
Babe you're foolin' yourself.

When you were playin' for time
you had the best of those days.
I was a fool, and so blind,
it was a game that you played.
Now that I can see for free why should I pay.
Even though I need some change,
I'm gonna make it clear from today.
I'm gonna step ahead grab a chance.
Maybe fall in love, have a good romance.
I know what I'm doin' Babe, gonna
leave you behind.

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