But Not For Me

Dion Dimucci


Old man Sun-shine, lis-ten, you!

Nev-er tell me, "Dreams Come True!"

Just try it And I'll start a ri-ot____

Bea-trice Fair-fax, don't you dare Ev-er tell me he will care;

I'm cer-tain It's the fin-al cur-tain,

I nev-er want to hear from any cheer-ful Pol-ly-an-nas,

Who tell you fate Sup-plies a mate, It's all ba-na-nas!

First Refrain

They're writ-ing songs of love,___But not for me.

A luck-y star's a-bove, But not for me.

With love to lead the way I've found more clouds of gray

Than an-y Rus-sian play could guar-antee.

I was a fool to fall__And get that way;

Heigh-ho! A - las! and al- so, Lack-a-day!

Al-though I can't dis-miss The mem-'ry of his kiss,

I guess he's not for me.

Second Refrain

He's knock-ing on a door,__But not for me.

He'll plan a two by four,__But not for me.

I know that love's a game; I'm puz-zled, just the same,

Was I the moth or flame? I'm all at sea.

It all be - gan so well, But what an end!

This is the time a fell-er needs a friend,

When ev-'ry hap-py plot Ends with the mar-riage knot,

And there's no knot for me.___________

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