Bless My Body

Low Pop Suicide

Bless this body
and touch this face
and bury the loveliness
in a very warm place

the hills are on fire,
the valleys are cold
the weatherman smiles
like there's something
we don't know

stranger than fiction
you already know
the prophets predicted
the ground will open,
and then close

you come unprepared
come, my friend
reach out to the moon and the stars
and it's Hell, until then

Bless this body!
Touch my face!
And what could it hurt?
It's our last night on Earth

Bless my body.
Touch my face.
Touch my body.
Bless my shame...

Bless this body!
Touch my face!
be my shame
you'll miss me, wouldn't you say?

Mama said:
"Bye, my dear,
little piggy's running inside of the zoo."

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