Honor To Us All

Jerry Goldsmith

1. Honor To Us All - Beth Fowler & Marnie Nixon & Lea Salonga

2. Reflection - Lea Salonga

3. I'll Make A Man Out Of You - Donny Osmond

4. A Girl Worth Fighting For - Harvey Fierstein & James Hong & Lea Salonga & Jerr

5. True To Your Heart - 98' & Stevie Wonder

6. Suite From Mulan - Jerry Goldsmith

7. Attack At The Wall - Jerry Goldsmith

8. Mulan's Decision - Jerry Goldsmith

9. Blossoms - Jerry Goldsmith

10. The Huns Attack - Jerry Goldsmith

11. The Burned-Out Village - Jerry Goldsmith

12. Reflection (Pop Version) - Christina Aguilera

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가수 노래제목  
Jerry Goldsmith Reflection  
Jerry Goldsmith I\'ll Make A Man Out Of You  
Beth Fowler, Marnie Nixon, Lea Honor to Us All  
Various Artists Honor To Us All  
Atreyu Honor  
Annals Honor  
Jerry Goldsmith/Matthew Wilder Man Out Of You  
Jerry Goldsmith/Matthew Wilder Reflection  
Jerry Goldsmith/Matthew Wilder Short Hair  
더클래식 Jerry Jerry Go Go  

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