Breathe In, Breathe Out


Some people turn to isolation
when ever worries cloud their minds
Some people keep anticipating
the end of all their time
I’ve had this anger inside my belly
I’ve felt this way for years and years
But now I’m ready to touch the dragon
- I’m facing all my fears

Just breathe in, breathe out
This thing had never really begun
Breath in, breathe out
You fell in love with noone

I want these troubled times to change me
I want my whole world to be rocked
The funny thing is, I’m not afraid now
and I’m never giving up

And when I’ve finished feeling bitter
and felling sorry for myself
I’m gonna gather all my knowlegde
to give to someone else

This feeling hits you like a fist
You say it’s all you ever been longing for
You know you let yourself be betrayed and still you wait
for a better deal
You wanna dive into the core
don’t wanna fear no more
what you can’t avoid
You’re on the virge
you wanna let go of all the pain
And be you again
You just have to…

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