Hidden Track

Limp Bizkit

Am I freak in the darkness, or am I misfit?
You speak them opinions to sink in so deep.
But its alright, your just an illusion confused by your narrow mind.
Reality is up ahead in tha' distance, but that lack of persistance has left you behind.
Now your reaching for your sanity, cause you' afraid of me, so don't fuck with me.
You wanna ask me a question? Well I gotta question.
How much longer can I tolerate this shit.
Egos trip when your livin' on tha' flip-side. Drop out of a uterus and died, damn.
I see ya' pointin' your finger, ya' stereotype me cause you don't like me?
Well you don't even know me, punk. You don't know me.

Stereotype me, cause you don't like me

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