Talk Of The Town

Big Phony
앨범 : Straight To Bootleg...

Live in a bloodshot, never stop look about it kinda town
Where you can get your fix in, lady line, anytime you are down
Hey Susie looks a better now
I often wonder how
I took the fast track, little lack, bought a new shiny car
But everybody knows that circus act will never get you very far
Havent had a toke in a while
Its never been so hard to quit
And I belong further away over there
Sweet Jesus wont you take me
Hear the bum shout, knock em out, take a walk round the block
Itll take you to a bitter end, your oldest friend, a well deserved whisky shot
This ones to the talk of the town
Bartender one more round, then thats it
to moonn6pence from papyaeverte

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