Wreckin' Bar (Ra Ra Ra)

The Vaccines
앨범 : What Did You Expect...

Pretty girl, wreckin' bar,
Ra ra ra ra yeah you are!
Growin' up, I'm twice the man,
Yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah I am!
The angels came F. Scott Fitzgerald,
The evening news and the morning Herald,
I know the offer very far,
but I found the bastard by the car!
'Where you been?' you can say,
Hey hey hey hey yeah you may!
Will a seaman fit below?
No no no it's funny though!
Let's go home I think we oughta,
I know you're your Mother's daughter,
Well brought up; well-to-do,
I haven't got the time for you!
English boy named, presupposing,
Watch out, man, that door's a-closing,
This is what you get when you turn your back,
A clear blue sky turning dirty black!

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