This Ain't a Game

Ray J
앨범 : This Ain't A Game

What is it you want from me
Im tired of playin games baby
Do you think
That I would sit around and play the fool
When its really up to me
Basically do what I please
And you think
That your the one controlling everything
At first I was so big on you
Then you strated to change
You begin to play these games
Never thinkin you would be the one to lose
Now your tellin me what your gonna do
I′m tellin you to tell the truth
But you see i′m through with you
Coz you tried to play me
And that just ain′t cool
If I owed you
What would you do do
You thought that i′d be
So caught up in you
You thought that I
Couldn′t do what I had to
But this ain′t a game
Now you tell me who′s playin who you
Thought that i would be some kind of fool who
But I jus go and do what I had to
But his ain′t a game
Verse 2
I duno what makes you think
I would be the type of guy
Who would be
So forgiving after dark baby
If you wana play with me
Always messing with my head maybe
You′d be
Spending the best of your life with me
Now that you know that i′m
Not the one to play
Keep my respect n i′m
Over you
I don′t understand why you
Play to lose
I can′t believe that you
Would play me
You had me fooled
Thinking I could put my trust in you
But you jus cant show me you
Had the best of me, so baby plz
Stop thinking that you could handle me

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