앨범 : My name is Biuret (...

the hole that i'm staring
but only after all and i fade away
the hole that i'm missing out
and only after all and i feel okay
open your doors..
and i try to read your mind this day
now close your window..
and i try to hide myself away
the truth that i'm holding
but only after all and i begin to fake
the sign that i'm waiting
and only after all
and i'm crushin' and i'm crushin' to break away
how can i believe what i know
the doors that i'm trying to break
show innocence everyday
how shall i delete where i go
the doors that i'm knockin' to wake
float the silence so far away
why don't we take off..
you know we got to take off..
the doors that i'm crushin'
but only after all and i..

관련 가사

가수 노래제목  
뷰렛 Violet  
뷰렛(Biuret) It  
뷰렛(Biuret) 거짓말  
뷰렛(Biuret) 나는 외로움 그대는 그리움  
Biuret (뷰렛) 거짓말  
뷰렛(Biuret) Dreams Come True  
Biuret (뷰렛) Without U  
Biuret (뷰렛) 사랑해요  
뷰렛(Biuret) 잠자는 숲속의 공주  
뷰렛(Biuret) Love And Hate  
Biuret (뷰렛) 오늘밤은 잠든 후에도 곁에 있어줘  

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