Intro (Ashanti/Ashanti) (Album Version (Explicit))

앨범 : Ashanti

After every place I've been
And everything that I've gone through
Every uphill battle and every betrayal
The fight in me remains
My willpower to win
My strength to survive
A lot of people counted me out
And that feeds my hunger
And ignites my passion to continue my journey
I will continue to thrive
Continue to prosper
I will continue to be brave
I am BraveHeart

BraveHeart (x8)

Sometimes I don't get it right, I act up and he'll let it
Go until I stop and realize what he got I won't get it

Cause ain't nobody counting more for me
And he know that he got my hope so he
Continue to love me, continue to touch me, continue to fuck me, ooh
He put up a greater lock cause I got him out for me
Closest thing that he got to just about control me
Cut from a different cloth, now not without my beloved
And he be knowing he'll wipe these tears

BraveHeart BraveHeart
BraveHeart BraveHeart
You know I got a BraveHeart
He know he got a BraveHeart
We both gotta have a BraveHeart

I'm so lucky to have to have you by my side
I know it ain't easy, baby
I appreciate it and I'm glad we made it
Cause ain't nobody counting more for me

You don't know what you mean to be, baby
Cause with a girl like me it don't be easy
So if you wanna learn to keep him happy, baby
Lose them battles, win the war and he's all yours
Oh yeah yeah

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