Kevon Edmonds
앨범 : 24/7

Baby it's no mystery
You're bringing out the best in me
And though i've been in love before
I've never had the kind of love that made me feel secure
I never thought that give and take
Mentality was right for me, hmm
You made me open up and see
That it's for real
And there's no other place i'd rather be

1 - i think about you all the time
24-7 babe
The love i have inside for you
Is more than any words can say
Thanking god on bended knee
We'll always be together babe
You and me
If there's a high or low
Anything can be babe
I'll be there for you to pick you up off your feet, yeah
Thanking god on bended knee
We'll always be together babe
You and me

When i'm in my nine to five
I smile went across my lips when i
Daydream about the night before
I count the minutes till i'm in your arms once more
My friends they don't understand, no
In me they see a brand new man
I give you props and tell them that
My shorty's bout it
She personifies the love she gives

Repeat 1

Oh how i've waited for this moment in my life
It's you that i adore
Baby with you i am secure
My life is in your hands
And now i understand
What it means to be in love again, oh
Never gonna let u go, oh no

Repeat 1 till end

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