I am

<I am>

I saw the flowing cloud in the grey sky
where many starts are waiting for the dark to show off

I saw one scarecrow wet in the rain. And it avert my eyes
I don't know why

I know the scarecrow is touchable
I know the cloud is untouchable

I Know I can see myself in the mirrors
I know I can't see the wind on December

I know man has never been free from the genesis
I know the ordinary is fabulous

I know all the hopes are deceptive
I know love has never exist

I am like the cloud is
I am like the wind is

I am unlike the hope isn't
I am unlike the love isn't

you are like I am
you are like I am

관련 가사

가수 노래제목  
아이엠 (I AM)/아이엠 (I AM) 그 날  
가는 거야  
되는 대로  
저문 세상  
푸른 길  
Slow Song  
절망적으로 변화가 금지된  
아세트 알테히드 뇌에 침투하다  
I Am Kloot Untitled #1  
아이엠(I Am) 너라서  

가사 수정 / 삭제


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