Reach Out

Take That

If our arms were reaching out
If our words could only bridge the doubt
Will we lose this chance again?
Strange roads with different signs
Don't even know where we divide
Are you my enemy or my friend?

'Cause I don't know you
And you don't know me
It's the same sun rising
We all just look to the sky
If we try
We can work it out somehow
If you don't know me
And I don't know you
How can we be fighting
We're all connected it's ture
Reaching out
It's only love that pulls us through

We all grieve in different ways
If one tear could wash away the pain
We're all free to have the faith we believe, yeah
The world sleeps at different times
With one turn your day is now my night
We all live sharing the air that we breathe.

Reaching out, reaching high
Reaching out
Touching you, touching me.

If our arms were reaching out
If our words could only bridge the doubt.

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