Liquid Cool

Apollo 440

Certainly someone who is frozen is not alive, but neither are they dead
They are in a third state – a bio status what I would use to describe
... liquid cool

Make me immortal yeah yeah
I am immortal yeah
I am nothing yeah yeah
Becoming liquid cool
Liquid cool
Waves of oblivion yeah yeah
Lap at my feet yeah
Laugh in my face yeah yeah
Devil take me... liquid cool
Liquid cool

I is another yeah
We blackout together yeah
Our little death, yeah yeah
Twilight elixir... liquid cool
Liquid cool

Make me immortal yeah yeah
Once more around the sun
Uber religion yeah yeah
Ultra-evolution... liquid cool
Liquid cool
He who lives these words
Shall not taste death
Becoming nothing yeah yeah
Forever liquid cool
Liquid cool

The number seventy-two lives in another lifetime
The number seventy-two is crazy for future ones
To get into some place in the future where nobody's ever beautiful

But some day we'll look back and wonder how we ever tolerate it,
life and death.
life and death.
life and death.
life and death.

Liquid cool
Liquid cool

Liquid cool
Liquid cool

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