Lady, Lady, Lady

Joe Esposito

Frightened by a dream, you're not the only one,

Running like the wind, thoughts can come undone.

Dancing behind masks, just subtle pantomine,

But images reveal whatever lonely hearts can hide.

Lady, Lady, Lady, Lady ? don't walk this lonely avenue.

Lady, Lady, Lady, Lady ? let me touch that part of you, you want me too?

Lady, Lady, Lady, Lady ? I know it's in your heart to stay.

Lady, Lady, Lady, Lady ? when will I ever hear you say: I love you.

Time like silent stares with no apology,

Move towards the stars and be my only one.

Reach into the light and feel love's gravity,

That pulls you to my side where you should always be.

Lady, Lady, Lady, Lady ? don't walk this lonely avenue....

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관련 가사

가수 노래제목  
디바 Lady Lady Lady  
디바 Lady, Lady, Lady  
권선국 Lady Lady  
트래비스 (Travis) Lady Lady  
Babyface Lady, Lady  
아주 Lady Lady  
Babyface lady lady  
Babyface Lady Lady  
트래비스 Lady Lady  

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