TRU Homies (Radio Version)


(Master P Talking)

Yo Silkk and C Murder just remember as brothers blood is thicker than water
and can't no man women or object infiltrate this family


When my TRU Homies call me I'll be there
When my TRU Homies need me I'll be there

Verse 1 (C Murder)

Damn it feels good to be TRU thats why
I gotta represent the tattoo
We roll deep when we creep in the streets
And stay strapped just like the police
No Limit or should I say the army
I feel like can't a damn thing harm me
You don't want to go to war with a soldier
Cuz TRU villains throw nothing but boulders
My click assist of hard hitters
A bunch of use to be thug villains
And nobody don't mess with nam' one of us
Cuz we make alot of bustas run from us.
Ain't no such thing as a fist fight
You getting jumped, so you better have your mind right
Give me a call, when it's time to bang up
And I'm there, before the phone hang up

(Chorus) O'Dell

When my TRU homies call me, I'll be there
When my TRU homies need me, I'll be there
When my TRU Homies call me, I'll be there
I'll be around

Verse 2 (Master P)

I knew one day, my time was coming
But my whole world changed when I put TRU on my stomach
And (nigga) TRU stand for keeping it real
And thats why we ride for our homies when our people are killed
I love my momma and my daddy for planting my seed
But me and my homies reminisce over Hennesy and (weed)
And all my loved ones lost trying to hustle and bang
I make RIP songs just remember your name
And now Kevin you a legend
Even though It send chills up my body, see TRU up in heaven
No Limit is my life I love my job
Thats why I roll with TRU homies like Jimmy and Boz
And TRU is the tank
And me and Silkk and C-Murder we the links
I love my brothers over (bitches) and some bank
And when if need me, I'm there for ya blank


Verse 3 (Silkk)

So I'm there when y'all need me. Anytime, now look
For my TRU soldiers, I put nothing in front of y'all
If something jump off, I'm jumping in front of y'all
Ya' know what, they bet not touch none of y'all
Cuz everybody gotta go, even if they touch just one of y'all
They say Silkk you might die, but thats my call
Wrong or right, they right cuz thats my dawgs
Thug living, living like sort of like a menace
Form with ex-cons, people on bonds waiting to get sentenced
You know what I'm saying
And I ride with this TRU click
It's No Limit for life,look ain't nothing after this
And damn it feels good to be a soldier
I roll with (niggas) like C and P
Y'all my brothers when we fuss, I let ya'll win
Wouldn't trade y'all life for ten million so I couldn't fight over ten
TRU tattoos and tanks just Boz and V
Just two a few thats down to ride wit' me
I know y'all want to let me see y'all doing it on y'all own
But if ya fall never hesitate to call me on the phone

(Chours) till fade

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