1983 (Album Version)

Neon Trees
앨범 : Habits (Internation...

I've been here lookin' dynamite
Alone against the wall
Girls like you give it all so cold
Talkin' cheap in a bathroom stall
Look so smooth
Better tell me the truth
Would you trade me
Out for someone cool?
I know you better than you do
So put out your cigarette
Kiss me on
The lips tonight
Me and you
You and me
Let's go back
Let's go back
1983 is calling
Been on my knees and crawlin'
Back to you
It's coming all back to me
Oh oh oh
Got something that I've kept inside
And the blood is on the blade
You're there suckin' on a lollipop
Like you haven't aged a day
And it ain't so pretty when you're playin' cute
When your
Body's up against some fool
Does he feel it
Cuz I feel it
The year I was born
I won't
Be ignored
So get your feet on the floor
I'm the only one
Are you afraid I still make you move

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