for always


for always

If we help each other out along the way
Then maybe everything will be okay
Who decides if you'll succeed?
Who decides those things you want and need?

Looking back on all those years
All the smiles all the tears
I never want those memories to fade
What have we done what can we do
We search our whole life for the truth
For always and always and always

I know sometimes we'll disagree
But no one here can absolutely see
We're all just learning as we go
There's some things in this world we just don't know

Honestly not interested

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가수 노래제목  
mxpx without you  
mxpx here with me  
mxpx take on me  
mxpx something more  
mxpx sometimes you have to ask yourself  
mxpx sorry so sorry  
mxpx think twice  
mxpx get with it!  
mxpx anywhere but here  
mxpx never learn  
mxpx you found me  
mxpx unsaid  
mxpx oh boy  
mxpx destroyed by you  
mxpx delores  
mxpx americanism  
mxpx cold and all alone  
mxpx everything sucks  
mxpx misunderstanding  

관련 가사

가수 노래제목  
Josh Groban For Always  
Tyrese For Always  
Always 채울 수 없는 사랑  
Always 사랑하면서  
Always 어린 시절로  
Always 아픈 기억  
Always 그녀에게  
Always 세월이 흘러  
Always 채울수 없는 사랑  
Always It's Alright  

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