On another day


These feelings of mine
Sink and swim~ in an ocean
Rising and falling
And once again the passion rises
I feel wild emotion
And my thoughts drift like wood

And on the tide of my heart
i'm open like a wave in the dark
I pour open my soul agh
And there
Glide with me
In my deep thoughts

On your ever moving beach
Are my ever moving shells
On my ocean~speaking lips
Lie these words

In life
You can hear the waves
Of another day
In love
You can watch my face
On another day
Through touch
We can learn to speak
On another day
I will come to you
On another day

And so
There lies experience, parin and time
And the words And here you are ready to begin once more
For tomorrow's never far away
And the end means only the beginning
And on that stretch of beach I lie
Opening my hands
Reaching for my pen
And a new wave is born
Just waiting, waiting to be sung

In life
You can hear the waves
Of another day

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