You're Gonna Get It (feat. Diamond Stone)

Angie Stone
앨범 : Stone Love

I've been watching you very closely
And mostly you stick to yourself
You and nobody else
I'm diggin your style
Never spot you with too many women
Acting foolish and giggling
Basically what I'm sayin' is I'm feeling you yeah yeah
1 - Tell me what to do
Just to be with you
Whatever it is
You're gonna get it, ooh
Tell me what to do
Just to be with you
Whatever it is
You're gonna get it, oh
Do I gotta changed my style just a little or a lot
Let me know so I can get it right
Cuz whether it's my hair, the clothes I wear
I don't care I'm gonna do anything I have to
Repeat 1
Repeat 1
If you wanted me to
I would do anything that you could ask me to
And I would do anything to keep you happy, yes I would
All you have to do is tell me
Repeat 1
Repeat 1
Oooh baby, baby
I'm on a midnight train
What I'm feelin' is sexual feelings
Whatever it is, whatever it is
You're gonna get it

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