Let It Play

앨범 : Flesh and Blood

Did you ever get up on the wrong side of bed
With an achin' head and just fall apart?
You're running late, the boss is bitchin',
It's cold outside, and the car won't start

Well I don't mean to bitch I swear
Cause we all got our cross to bear

But when I hear the music
All my troubles just fade away
When I hear the music
Let it play, let it play
When I hear the music
Sure as darkness I can see the day
When I hear the music
Let it play
Let it play

Life's just rented space getting laid to waste
When the lines on my face say I'm growing older
Just a stitch in time gonna save my mind
When the weight of the world lies on my shoulders

Soon I won't have a place to fit
But I'll cross that bridge when I come to it


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