Daily Life - Going to the Doctor


Doctor Evans: Good afternoon Chloe, I’m Doctor Evans. What seems to be the problem?

Chloe: Hi, Dr Evans. Thanks for seeing me on such short notice. When I woke up this morning I had a really sore throat and a really bad cough. I think I am coming down with the flu.

Doctor Evans: Ah I see, yes you do sound rather croaky. Well let’s have a look, shall we? Could you please open your mouth and say " ah".

Chloe: "Ahhhhhhhh"

Doctor Evans: Good, yes, your tonsils are a little swollen and red. How are your ears, blocked at all?

Chloe: A little actually. My sinuses are a little blocked up as well ? I really feel terrible.

Doctor Evans: Ok Chloe, can you please breathe in and out slowly for me while I listen to your chest? You really are all bunged  up, you don’t sound too good at all. Ok I’m going to set you up with a bunch of antibiotics. You will need to take these orange pills twice a day and these blue pills every evening. You will also have to take this cough medicine three times a day after meals. Finally, I am giving you an inhaler to use every time you feel breathless… just to clear up your lungs!

Chloe: Whoa! So many drugs…. I hate swallowing pills. Am I able to go to work?

Doctor Evans: Absolutely not! You are highly contagious! You don’t want to infect the rest of your co-workers do you? I recommend staying in bed for at least three days and drinking plenty of fluids so you don’t get weak and dehydrated. You can catch up on all the latest tv shows and movies!

Chloe: Ok! Would you mind writing me a doctor’s note for work, otherwise they may think I am faking it!

Doctor Evans: Ha-ha, sure not a problem! Here you are. Now off you go and away to bed. If you have any questions just give me a call! Feel better soon and take care.

Chloe: Thanks doc, bye!

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