Daily Life - Describing Personalities


A: OK class, settle down. I have the results of your individual personality tests. I am going to hand them out and if you'dlike, you can read them out loud to the rest of the class.

B: I'll read mine!

A: OK, go ahead.

B: It says here that I am adventurous, outgoing and easy-going. It says that I am a little superstitious and occasionally naive! That's not true!

A: The test isn't one-hundred percent accurate.  Is that all it says?

B: No! It also says that I am open-minded with great ambition but that I can also be reckless and clumsy. This is stupid!

A: Ok, anyone else want to read theirs?

C: I'll go! It says that I am an extroverted, well-balanced person. It says I am generous, outspoken, and very diligent. This is so true! It also says that I am magnanimous, eloquent and daring! This is totally me!

A: Pfft whatever, these tests are bologna!

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