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Computer Games | Intermediate

A: MarkWhere have you been? I've been calling you all morning.

B: I've been playing computer games.

A: What? So you blew me off yesterday and today over a stupid video game? What game is so important that you have no time for me anymore? What are you playing?

B: It's called  Counter Strike It's a first person shooter game. It's awesome. It's a multi player game where you can go online and compete against players from all over the world.

A: You've been wasting your time on this? I can't believe it!  It doesn't even look fun or challenging!

B: My laptop is on my bed. If you think it's so easy then get onlineand try to beat me.

A: Fine!

B: Dammit! Howare youkilling me with a single shot? It's not fair! I don't want to play anymore! Let's go get something to eat.

A: Can you bring me something? I am totally hooked on this game!

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