Double decker Bus

the kelly family

Double decker Bus
[Okay kids we're going for a ride!
Get on the bus, we're gonna have some fun!]

Jump on the back and follow them with us
In authentic red double decker bus
Stamp your feet and clap your hands
Some tell the kids to show to dance

We'll go through the whole wide world
Just to meet you all one day
You'll sing your song
We'll sing our song as we drive along
We'll sing down your street one day
And we hope to hear you say
You will come along with us
In our funny double decker bus

So tell the Poles and the Russians too
The Kelly kids are coming to you
And on to China and Japan
Just to shake your hand

We'll go through the whole wide world...

Gonna see the Finns and the Eskimos
Hope that one will rub my nose
One, I think, will come with us
In authentic double decker bus

We'll go through the whole wide world...

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