Close Your Eyes

등록자 : 나야나

Tomorrow morning I have to leave
But where ever I may be
Best believe I’m thinking of you
I can’t believe how much I love
All we have is here tonight
We don’t want to waste this time
Give me something to remember
Baby put your lips on mine
And I’ll love you forever
Anytime that we find ourselves apart
Just close your eyes
And you’ll by here with me
Just look to your heart
And that’s where I’ll be
If you just close your eyes
Till your drifting away
You’ll never be too far from me
If you close your eyes

I know I’m gonna see you again
But promise me that you won’t forget
Cause as long as you remember
A part of us will be together
So even when you’re fast asleep
Look for me inside your dreams
Keep believing in what we’re sharing
And even when I’m not there to tell you
I’ll, I’ll love, love you forever
Anytime that I cant be where you are


Is there anywhere that far
Anytime you’re feeling low
Is there anywhere that love cannot reach
Oh no
It could be anywhere on earth
It ‘could be anywhere I’ll be
Oh baby if you want to see
Just close your eyes and you’ll be here with me
Look to your heart and that’s where you’ll be
Just close your eyes till your drifting away
You’ll never be too far from me

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