Say You, Say Me

Lionel Richie

Say you, say me. Say it for always
That's the way it should be
Say you, say me. Say it together, nat'rally.

I had a dream I had an awesome dream;
People in the park palyin' games in the dark.
And what they played was a masquerade.
But from behind the walls of doubt, a voice wa crying out

(* Repeat)

As we go down life's lonesome highway,
Seems the hardest thing to do is to find a friend or two.
That helping hand, someone who understands.
And when you feel you've lost your way,
You've got someone there to say, "I'll show you"

(* Repeat)

So you think you know the answers
Oh, no. Well, the whole world's got ya dance that's right,
I'm tellin' you. It's time to start believing. oh, you.
Believe in who you are; you are a shining star.

(* Repeat)
Say it together, nat'rally.

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