More Yellow Birds


Is your jewelry still
Lost in the sand
Out on the coast
Or rushed into the brine
You left your rings
On the shoreline
So you wouldn't lose them
Swimming in the shallows

A plastic shovel soft sweaty children far from home
On vacation not unlike your very own

And the Captain Howdy lit
Upon my shoulder
And he left me with sulfur
And rooms full of headaches
I fell in with snakes
In the poisoned ranks of strangers
Please send me more yellow birds
For the dim interior

Will my pony recognize my voice in hell
Will he still be blind or do they go by smell
Will you promise me not to rest me out at sea
But on a fiery river boat that's rickety

I'll never find my pony along the rolling swells
A muddy river or a lake would do me well
With hints of amber sundowns and muted thunderstorms
A sunken barge's horns with the cold rusty bells

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