In Time (Feat. Clara C, Dumbfoundead)

Kero One
앨범 : Color Theory

I know, we know, you know, (Clara) that everything’s going to be fine
I know, you know, we know, (Clara) that everything will happen in time
It was may 10th when I saw the spiritual light
age 10 given a mic, driven for life
but these bills look camouflage unseen like Santa Claus
late fee again vicious cycle no handlebars and I’m still riding
a $100 on an outfit, I’m still styling
my mack game was flawed man, out of alignment
I stood in my lane now these dame's want their own diamonds,
I’m in a place, higher than Machu Picchu
girls who never chilled now they grill like Yakiniku
it’s nice to meet you again for the second time
yo I got to run so I’ll leave you with this special rhyme
Don’t sweat the little stuff
Stick your middle fingers up
Throw all that useless baggage out like a litter bug
Focus in on the long road ahead of you
Smoke a bong load and exhale the residue
I’m never blue because somebody always has it worse
Keep it moving and get your mama that Prada purse
What doesn’t kill you it just makes you a stronger person
It’s my adversities that helps me write better verses
You can’t force it or try to take a shortcut
Can’t buy designer shoes without rocking torn chucks
We all fail we all hurt we all fall
But we rise again and toast to the last call
And I, I’ll wait for my tomorrow, forget about yesterday
I've always got tomorrow, I’m living for a better day
so take me to another place, somewhere far away
far, far away from today

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