Good Times

All Star United
앨범 : The Good Album

Gimme the keys to the Cadillac
Myu muscle tee with the Union Jack
I wanna party like it's 1999
Pump it up in the fast lane
Pop the cork on the champagne
Don't need nothing but a good time to feel alright
Hey, give me the good times
Don't let the sunshine fade away
Give me the good times every day
Do you feel a little so so
Have you forgotten how to disco?
Don't let Bono tell you what you should or should not do
Learn how to drown out the bad news
Are you down with the summertime blues?
Ask your doctor if the good times are good for you
Side effects of the good times
include dizziness, blurred vision,
shallow personality, mediocrity,
depression, a general feeling of malaise,
and a haunting sense that one might be
wasting one's life. In the event
that happiness lasts longer than
four hours, seek medical
attention immediately.

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