I Believe It To My Soul (Feat. David Sanborn)

Joss Stone
앨범 : Colour Me Free
작사 : Ray Charles
작곡 : Ray Charles

Ooh yeah yeah
Alright now
One of these days
And it won't be long
You're gonna look for me
But I'll be gone
I believe, yeah
Say I believe yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh baby, you're trying to make a fool outta me
And since you've been going round lately
With your head so high
I think I'm gonna have to
Use my right
'Cause I believe, yes I do now
I believe, yeah, yeah, yeah
I believe it, baby
I believe you've been trying to make a fool outta me
Yeah alright now!
The night when you were sleeping
I heard you say
'Oh Lily!'
But baby you know my name
You know my name
My name is Jossie baby
And don't you forget it, love, baby!
See I believe
I believe you've been trying to make a...
Trying to make a fool, outta me ooh
And since you been
You've been
Going round baby
With your head so hard
I think I'm gonna have to
To use my right
Cause I believe it baby,
I just gotta know
How you really feel
Tell me right now, right here
You don't care for me no more
Why not baby?
You just starting to forget about me yeah
And I can't, I can't take it, take it, take it no more
Somebody tell me I had to, and I'm gonna
I'm gonna use my right on you boy
If you don't, you don't ship and shape it up
And fall in love
(I believe)
That you've been sleeping around on me
I saw the lipstick on your shirt
Smell the perfume in your hair
I believe!
I believe it right here, right now
That you're making a fool
You making a big, old, ugly, silly, ridiculous fool outta me!

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