Blood For Wild Blood

앨범 : Slipway Fires

There's a stillness to the thrashing of despair
There is a calm in the rush of your stare
And I'm now beyond care
Experience being gained, we're back to back
And strain to strain, there is a stillness
Breathes in you and me
Music calls without answer
Where the darkness lies heavy
And the beast has no master
And the spirit no name
And the angels are hushing
And they dance in soft shame
This hysterical house could collapse in the night
And the hinges will buckle
Liars choke on their spike
But the darkness has a hunger
It offers you blood for wild blood
And you be on wondering
Why you're still not good enough
There is a glory in the pitch of your desire
And a calm in my gaze as my feet are retired
Our pulses exchange, we're face to face
Finally higher and wire to wire
Ohh, wire to wire, wire to wire
Signal to satellite, bullet to beast
Frequency is higher, ohh
I'm apart of this illusion, I'm for blues blood
To which new feeling do we go? Wire to wire
to moonn6pence from papayeverte

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