Blood In Blood Out

Royal Hunt
앨범 : Collision Course ~ ...

I thought that the madness was over as echo of a last bloody war
was fading away, but discovered a new breed of fools on the way
to steal their fair share of headlines... in Whatever Times
over and over

For some unexplainable reason theres always a few of a kind
whod put their beliefs in a prison of highly deranged, vicious minds
Praying away for a bigger and stronger empire to surface the Earth,
coming back from the ashes to set every nation on fire...
Bloods on your face and all over the place as

youre hiding, youre lying - disgrace is worse than dying,
keep falling much lower cause its so far from over
The war crys returning (remaining bridgesre burning)
youll hear it - we mean it - so clear and loud:
Blood in blood out!

Now the wars moving into your home...heats getting closer

Who could have believed or expected, who knew all along that today
Dark Ages will be resurrected - now look at yourself, go on!
Wait for Messiah to save you and show what to do, follow
millions of desperate rebels without a clue what are they fighting for,
asking Almighty for.

See it coming... blood in blood out.

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