Still In Love

Lionel Richie
앨범 : Louder Than Words

Gonna tell you a story
Bout a love and all its glory
Every word I say is true
Every word is meant for you
As I look across the table
In your eyes I see forever
Girl theres no one else but you
No one else will ever do
I'm...I'm...I'm still in love with you
Got my heart so full of laughter
I finally found what i was after
Caught an angel flying low
Now there's one thing you should know
I've been lost and I've been lonely
Till I found you, one and only
You're every song I wanna sing
My joy, my everything
I'm...I'm...I'm...I'm...I'm still in love with you
I want you to know just how I feel
Now that my search for love is over
Would be alone in life without you
As the years keep getting longer
It only makes my love grow stronger
Just can't go another day
Until I can hear you say
I'm...I'm...I'm...I'm...I'm still in love with you

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