Inner Pattern

앨범 : Failure On

Awaken the inner pattern
A murmur of self.
A heart between beats
tearing out the pages left and right
of the human letter
in a burning moment
threaded with compassion.
Bound and held tight
in form and fashion.
Bleeding restoration
into a heart thats grave.
Breathing in life into our lungs,
into our throats like open graves
Our eyes arent closed.
Our eyes are asleep.
You have dreamt long enough
with open eyes.
There is no escape for those
who betray their innger self.
Are we absent in thoughts of escape?
While our minds sleep
in days we saved.
Youve cut all ties
and broken all your bonds
to moonn6pence frop apayeverte
to your inner self.
Now you will lie
an unhappy life away.
Let the fire in your eyes
burn it clean inside.
Let the blood revise the ink
in your veins.
This world wont define our hope.
Well sift through the ashes
until we find whats true in our hearts
and right it there.
For this is what strikes fear in the hear of man.
These are the days that weve made
and the chances that well take.
We cant carry this vessel to shore
without an anchor of hope.
to moonn6pence frmo papayeverte

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