Kate Bush

I wait at the table and hold hands with weeping strangers,
Wait for you to join the group.
The tambounnes jingle-jangles
The medium
Roams and rambles.
Not taken in,
I break the circle.
I want this man to go away now.
With a kiss I'd pass the key
And feel your tongue
Teasing and receiving.
With your spit still on my lip-you hit the water.
Him and I in the room
To prove you are with us too
He's using code that only you and I know
This is no tnck ofhis
This is your magic.
I'd catch the queues watching you
Hoping you'd do something wrong.
Everybody thinks you'll never make it-
But every time you escape,
Rosabel believe not even Eternity-
Can hold Houdini.
Rosabel, believe.
Through the glass, I'd watch you breathe
Bound and drowned
And paler than you've ever been.
With your life the only thing in my mind-
We pull you from the water.
You and I and Rosabel believe.

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