드렁큰 타이거
앨범 : 3집 - The Legend Of
작사 : Drunken Tiger
작곡 : Roscoe
편곡 : Roscoe

ROSCOE) Breaken and graffen rappen and scratchen four elements the fifth is representen it water and sedments the fire from my pan igntes connection with the earth because hip hop is life manifested through the word i'm overdosin off the potion got the pen in motion my phymestyle components will leve my opoonents swollen chosen one sword swingin like a shogun, secret style show none i'll let the crowd indicate ehe outcome you wonder 'How come?' I prophesize like malcolm records get spun by the 형 james jung from sun up to sin down leaven dumbfound it's the blood dound I lnockm out in just one round

SHINE) I'm old school i've been doing thid since the 80's quick to take your manhood right in ront of your lady ney maybe but suerly snatch your good like i was tracy magrady it's like taking candy from a baby i aint a villian i be robbin like williams giving back to civillians from pennies to millions it's not stealin it's hip hop jack to rich to dealers crops i get props nonstop for dodging bitch ass cops djshine you know the name the name that gives you chills in your spine one of a kind murderin you heard of him don't let me catch you slippen nigga's talk madd smack cause i be big pimpin

ROSCOE) Spensin chede bendin trees goy your grl on bended knee never seen an emcee rip mics as splendidly tryna steal the recipe and run of offnding me you better relocated and switch identity cuz enemiesm of mine feel the wrath of my mind my rhymes should be a crime cuz thee's do[e in every line save your punchine i'm eatin emcees at lunch time. rocoe umali coms form a royal bloodline i'm loyal plus i'm blessed with a special enzyme that makes me ten times sicker then the best rhyme spitter slit a throat kill a throat kill ya hope i ain't no joke it's the drunken tiger mafia mashin trench coats

JK) Simultaneous combustion and concoction when i'm usting automatic rapid fire drunken tigers we pestructing ant of those whom that oppose and get in my ways what i br lusting. To crack your cranium raccume they brainium injection venomous stllables till they visions blurry locked up in delirium delirious you strangulate yourself untill you suffucate, you fetal feeble minded i kick you back to your sesection now tiger j accomplishes inppossibe accmplices equiped with criminal knowledged og rocking the mic scientists now we marching teru your continents conquerring your providences

MICKI EYEZ) Micki vision, my lyricals cut like an incision if i spit em up in the air the shit coukd chop apart pigeon like got caught up in an engine of a 747 my pen produces venom leaven the microphone infected any one steppen to us gonna need some meaical attention tell the paramedics bring an extra stretcher for intestines and some crutches im throwen some puiggen right into your stomach puncturen your lungs my lnuckles faster than a friggen gun is im from frunken tiger cant nobody to it better we representen the fourth and after that the twentieth letter with the breaken and graffen rappen and scratchen four ekements the fifth id grippen the mic until your fingers leave a dent in it

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