Go On Ahead

Liz Phair

Go On Ahead

You go on ahead, honey
You have a good time there
You make me feel funny
I'm no ordinary lover or a friend

I believe we have things to do
I believe in myself and I believe in you
I believe when I sleep you are near to me
When you sleep I am near to you

You walk out of the room with your hands so deep in your pockets, I don't Recognize you
You say you're a ghost in our house and I realize I do think I see through you

It's a death in our love that has brought us here
It's a birth that has changed our lives
It's a place that I hope we'll be leaving soon
And I fear for the year in his eyes

And it goes around in circles: one night is lovely, the next is brutal
And you and I are in way over our heads with this one, it's hard
To admit it, but you hold me and I can't feel you
We hurt but we smile
I promise I'll make it back when the summer has warmed me awhile

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