To Be Loved


The song of a little bird, the joy in three little words? I know it's real, that's how it feels/ To be love by you/ The stars from a mindnight sky, the melody from a lullaby/ There's nothing real, that I wouldn't steal/ To be loved by you

Chorus -  To be loved by you/ if everybody knows, it's only cause it shows

A smile to put on a high, a kiss that sets your soul aligh/ Would it be all right if I
spent tonigh/ Being loved by you - Repeat Chorus - Your love is released/ And you
move me with ease/ And your rescue me time after time/ Oh Oh you give your all/
And you take it all in your stride/ Oh with all the power of a symphony/ That's how
my heart beats when you're holding me/ I can's conceal, this is how it feels/ To by
loved by you/ Oh yeah, to be loved If everybody knows, it's only cause it show/
Because I take your love/ Everywhere I go/ I know what it is I need, it's clear as a
shallow stream/ It's as it seems, my only dreams/ To be loved by you

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