Forever love

Gary Barlow

Love it has so many beautiful faces
Sharing lives and sharing days
My love it has so many empty spaces
I'm sharing a memory now I hope that's how it stays
Now I'm deep inside love and still breathing
She is holding my heart in her hand
I'm the closest I've been to believing
this could be love forever
All throughout my life the reasons I've demanded
But how can I reason with the reason I'm a man

Oh, oh yeah, ummm huh

In a minute I'm needing to hold her
In an hour I'm cold, cold as stone
When she leaves it gets harder and
harder to face life alone
Now my dreams are filled with times when we're together
Guess what I need from her is forever love

Ooh, ooh yeah oooh umm
Oh, oh yeah
Now I feel forever love oooh
Oh, I feel

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