off my line

Spin Doctors


* I've been thinking lately how to get you off my line
Don't seem all that easy but it feels alright
I've gotten rid of expectations that I used to have
And we don't get along and it really ain't so(that) bad *

** Somewhere in between the blue +(--> and) the red
"This is temporary" is(that's) all she said
Someday things may be a little better than before
All these memories(mysteries) and     (that) knocking at my door **

Alone in my room I lay awake and dream
I'm sleeping half awake I got to try to explain
That I don't need your love and it means this much to me
I don't need your love woman won't you see

**   repeat   **

She must not realize what this means to me
I figured out her disguise
Hey, mama, I'm not dreaming (She's way off reality)

*   repeat   *
**   repeat   **

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