Hi everybody
It's nice to be here
Nice to see you all
It is funny to see you all here
'Cause I fucked all your mothers
So that's weird
Isn't that a weird coincidence?
I fucked all your mothers
And here you are
You're not mad are you?
Joking together 'cause you're mad?
They liked it, so don’t worry
You shouldn't be mad
You should want your mother to enjoy herself
I'm a little tired of all this terrorist alarming
And the terrorist hatred,
All this anti-terrorist...
You know, terrorists are just people
Who like to murder other people
What the fuck is the big problem
Seriously, I think that they've become victimized
in this country because
They're exposed of their religious beliefs
And they have a right to... to murder…
'Cause, here's the thing
What did they do that's so bad
They killed people
Who the fuck...
Or who are...
So what?
What's so great about people
That they shouldn't be allowed to murder them?
And I was really thinking about that, like,
So, people die.
Fuck it, I don’t know them
So, honestly, I don’t care
And if somebody goes,
"What if somebody you knew died"
Well, that will be sad
But when I think about that
Yeah, so, people die
What's the big deal?
They're dead
And some of them might have been assholes
You don’t know
Alright, wait
It's not good to rape people, right?
It's not ok to rape people
But what about jews?
Oh my God
Did I say that?
That’s fuckin' horrible
I would've raped Hitler
Like, if I had a time machine,
I think the two things
I would've done would've been to
Erase my daughter
And rape Hitler
I don’t think it would've been enough to kill Hitler
I think if I raped him,
he would've had no balls to do all the shit he did
He would've been just kind of depressed all the time
Sittin' on the floor of his shower,
crying, holding his knees, and stuff like that
And a guy who does can't have
the focus to takeover the world
So I think I would've...
And also, I wanted to fuck Hitler
Seriously, I think he was hot
I seriously was attracted to him
I used to fantasize about his brushed mustache
sort of tickle my balls
I don't know how that would work.
He's there, but then he'd have to...
I guess if we were 69ing,
Then his mustache would tickle my balls
But then that wouldn't really be rape
You can't rape people and do a 69
JUSTHIS ain't free
Ya heard then pay for it
JUSTHIS ain't free
Ya heard then pay for it
JUSTHIS ain't free
Ya heard then pay for it
I got 99 problems
Anyway I gotta go thanks a lot

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