First Noel-유영진

SM Town 캐롤

작사.작곡 : 외국곡 편곡 : 홍종화

Silent night or holy night the stars so bright and always come he - hey -- The first
noel the angels been said voice too cer - tain glow shared virqin feeis where they lay
- in guiit where they lay belive keep on my seen oh - wa woo on a cold rainy last
night that was so, so very deep noel - noel - noel - noel - for is the king of it's way
yeah - I feel there's a something more have to say what occasion means to me - it's
so much more than just holiday it's on that day was born the king of king - noel -
noel - noel For is the king of it's way yeah Believe keep on my seen - wa - for is
the king of it's way yeah - long long time ago - Hey it was the night before
christmas all the world was listening people came from far and wide to sing a song it's
silent night holy night sing a so nice holy - night -

관련 가사

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