Here I Go (Gemini Remix)

Sam Ock

**here i go, far away
i’ll keep running in this race
from my sin & from my shame
i’m renewed, i’m not the same
and i won’t, won’t look back
‘cause Your grace keeps me on track
my song will never cease
for in You i am free!

ever before? yea, i need it more than that
my lifestyle’s a backpack, tattered and black
it’s wack...i mean it’s like i’m hiding all the ugly bits
only showing new kicks, they ain’t even the half of it
i’m mastering the art of plastering with white wash
the pastor tells me that it’s legalism and i’m lost
you’re right...i’m circling around the sin and shame
it’s hard to see the white with a canvas full of stains
but the rain already came, the gavel already fell
the savior of the world took it all on himself
to show me that my struggle’s already won
the gun was unloaded on the perfect one, the son of man
i know in my weakness or fickle heart
everyday i’m given a new life, a new start
‘cause i know my inheritance isn’t from here
so watch me run to the future, without fear!


every time it feels the same to me
You tell me i’m loved, You tell me i’m free
(but i do not feel it)
and i know the crutch is my own helpless state
of my own refusal to take Your grace
i’ll keep no confidence in what i do
i’ve known that you know me right through and through
and i will now abandon my own throne
to run to the light, won’t you watch me go

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