We Like to Chill

2 Live Crew

Verse 1:  Fresh Kid Ice
I'm sittin' by the pool, thinkin' 'bout some women
Wishin' that we all could be swimmin'
Then the Poison Clan bought some tricks
Couldn't find Luke, Marquis or Mixx
Now I'm drinkin' champagne and eatin' hors d'ourves
Talkin' to the ladies with the sexy curves
I opened a bottle of Mo' <Pop pop>
The phone rang <cellular phone ring> Hello?

Now this is how we do it
They rushed to crib before I knew it
The Crew don't know how to ill
But everyone knows we like to chill

Verse 2:  Brother Marquis
It's hot, I dropped the top to feel the breeze
Rollin' in the jeep to the APT's (apartments)
To get this girl so we could go for a ride
Rollin' down the 'ave but I can't decide
Shoud we go to the beach or just chill?
Today I lost a hundred-dollar bill, but still
I'm bankin', I can't wait to see Stacey
It's gettin' hot, so I turned on the A/C
I seen this girl in a tight-fittin' mini
She looks kinda good but she's a little skinny
So I kept on rollin'; I'm changin' my plan:
When I get Stacey, I'll check out the Ice-man!
I picked her up, she said, "Where we goin'?"
"It's a surprise; I don't want you knowin'."
"Will I like it?"  "Of course you will,
'Cause you know that I know all the places to chill."

Verse 3:
[BM]        I went to the door, then I knocked
When he answered, I was shocked
It looked like a party, plenty girls were there
But Stacey was with me, but I still had to stare
I went inside, and of course, you know
I grabbed some girls and a bottle of Mo'
I'm the Brother Marquis and it's time to get ill
Everybody knows that's how I chill
[FKI]       About that time, I was gettin' dizzy
'Cause it was time to get busy
I told the girl what Luke said
Then rushed to the room with the waterbed
Then everyone did the same
Later that night, Ghetto came
Then everyone got a thrill
[Mr. Mixx]  You know how we do it, baby, we like to chill!

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