All I Want Is You

Kelly Price Feat/Gerald Levert

[Kelly Price](Gerald Levert)
(Hmm, oh)
Oh baby, baby
My love I must confess
I don't know what to do
(Please tell me what is wrong)
You're seeing someone else
But I really care for you
(Please tell me girl how long)
It's been a little while
And mama thinks I'm wrong
(Sure you're right, I know you're right yeah)
Oh yes she does
She thinks that you're the one
And you and I belong, ooh
(Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm)
So if you take me back
I promise to be true
(Will you? Will you?)
I've made up in my mind
That all I want is you

1 -All I want is you
But baby I've been cheating
All I want is you
Don't know what I was thinking
I've made up my mind
It's time to say goodbye
To him and him and all the other men
Cause all I want is you

[Kelly Price](K-Ci)
My love I must confess
I care for him it's true
(Girl I ain't gon' play no fool, no)
I've still been seeing him
While I've been seeing you
(So what'cha gonna do?)
He wants to settle down
What you don't wanna do
Why won't your marry me baby-babe?
I thought you came around (Oh)
But you just can't be moved (Oh)
But I made up in my mind
That what you want is cool
(Baby, yeah)
As long as you're around
Then all I want is you

Repeat 1 (2x)

But, but, but, but
You've been playing games
(Do you really love me girl?)
Oh yes I do (Do you really?)
I do love you but it's not the same
Sorry that I told a lie
But I couldn't say goodbye

Repeat 1 (3x)

[Kelly Price]
I got you over here
I got him over there
And all I want is you
(Prove it baby)
To be my teddy bear
(Prove it baby)
Oh baby, baby, baby
(I'm crying inside, oh, oh, oh)
All the other men
(Ooh wee)
All I want is you
All I want is you
(Somebody help me, somebody help me)
Don't know what to do
(Somebody help me)
Tell me what to do, hey, hey
(Kelly don't do this, Kelly don't it, don't it)
(Kelly, Kelly don't do it)
Gerald baby, K-Ci baby
All I want is oh, oh, oh

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