Revolution (Feat. 민규)


revolution action!
Why are you always doing like that?
It′s wrong from the beginning.
Who would put up with you?
That′s what you always do.
Do you think I′m slight?
Don′t make slight of me.
Don′t think you know everything.
stop giving yourself airs
I can take care of me by myself.
I put everything into it. (I run a risk of myself)
I know myself more than you
please wait for me more
you′ll have to pay for this!
don′t blame me any more
I′ll not blame you any more
you always get away from all
everything is ok now
I′ll watch you from now on
I′m satisfied with this life
I′ll make the world change, developing myself
It is my true nature
revolution we all need it
we have to be together (revolution action!)

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